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Brazil is the largest country in South America has a wide range of options to visit. Brazil is different from any other place in the Western Hemisphere. The spoken language is Portuguese and not Spanish. Also Brazil received a larger influx of African slaves than any other South American country. Brazil has an important historical centers and national parks, such as Guararapes, Recife and Serra da Canastra in Minas General.
Many students do exchange in Brazil to study. Brazil offers a free foreign degree according to the Education Portal. “The number of foreigners grew 53% over the past two years – all entered the country with student visas. According to the Federal Police, the number of people jumped from 5142 in 2007 to 7889 in 2009. The reason is because higher education is free for some students. Today, some 2700 foreigners studying in Brazil through the program. Over the past five years, the average inflow was 604 new students per year. Last year, the University of São Paulo (USP) received 832 exchange students, of whom 134 were SGP-G. The university has agreements with 472 institutions from 53 countries”.

As part of its ongoing mission to advance understanding of Brazil and foster partnerships with Brazilian institutions, the Center for Brazilian Studies of the Jackson School hosted a delegation of Brazilian officials to the Seattle and Tacoma campuses. The delegation included two Federal University Presidents and the President and the Director of International Cooperation of CAPES, a Brazilian government funding organization for research and higher education.

Those from the UW community who participated in the presentations, meetings and discussions provided a broad panorama of the high level of academic development taking place at the University of Washington. The delegation was very impressed and expressed enthusiasm in supporting partnerships with the University and with individual academic units.

In general terms, the University of Washington and Brazilian officials agreed to explore possibilities for a full-time Portuguese professor at the University of Washington and the development of full reciprocity agreements which would include the waving of tuition for Brazilian students at UW who are part of a partnership agreement. The CAPES and UW officials will be working through the Center for Brazilian Studies to develop these proposals.
The Brazilian delegation included:
Prof. Jorge de Almeida Guimarães – President of CAPES.
Prof. Sandoval Carneiro – Director of International Cooperation of CAPES
Prof. Amaro Lins – President of the Federal University of Pernambuco

Prof. Alvaro Prata – President of the Federal University of Santa Catarina

On their visit to the Seattle Campus, they talked with directors, professors and researchers from the Jackson School, the Information School, the Engineering School, Applied Mathematics, the School of Forestry, the College of the Environment, and the School of Medicine. They also met with President Mark Emmert and Provost for Global Affairs, Stephen Hanson, to discuss ways of facilitating exchange between the University of Washington and Brazilian institutions. As part of the program, a short question and answer period was held for professors and students as well as an informal gathering in the Faculty lounge at the end of the afternoon.

On their visit to the Tacoma campus, they met directors, professors and staff from the Institute of Technology and the Environmental Studies program. A meeting was held with Chancellor Pat Spakes followed by an informal gathering with interested professors and staff. The delegation also visited the INTEL company in DuPont as part of their mission to become acquainted with opportunities in the region.

The Center for Brazilian studies will be following up on the proposals discussed during the visit and supporting professors and researchers as they develop partnerships with Brazilian institutions.

This visit is part of an ongoing mission of the Center for Brazilian Studies to develop exchange between the University of Washington and Brazilian Institutions. Other events already hosted by the Center for Brazilian Studies include the visit of FIESP (Foundation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo) in 2007; a meeting with the Brazilian General Consulate in 2009; and a conference with the Attorney General’s Office in Sao Paulo in 2009.