The Center for Brazilian Studies at the University of Washington is dedicated to advance understanding of Brazil within the university and serve as a resource center for the broader community, strengthening the Brazilian community in Seattle and building ties between local and Brazilian companies. We aim to bring together all organizations and individuals interested in Brazil, and have the junction of these interests embodied in the Center.

Our main objectives are:

  • Form a board of directors that connects academics, community members and businessmen
  • Establish a Chair for Brazil Studies at the Jackson School of International Studies
  • Offer quarterly courses relating to Brazilian culture, history, commerce and the Portuguese Language
  • Organize internships for UW students in Brazil, and for Brazilian students in Seattle
  • Develop and execute cultural events to promote Brazil’s visibility in the Pacific Northwest
  • Bring Brazilians to Seattle to provide insight into different aspects of Brazil: Professors, businessmen, government officials, and more
  • Provide an Information Center for those interested in Brazil
  • Coordinate training or research on Brazil across various subjects such as agriculture, ecommerce and aerospace
  • To bring scholars, business leaders and policy makers to Seattle to address, discuss and resolve issues that are important to the community

Not only is Brazil hugely significant in its own right – the Brazilian economy is the 10th largest in the world and geographically it is bigger than the continental U.S. – but also it is a key gateway into both South America and the Lusophone speaking world.

Consequently, a deeper appreciation of its culture, history and society – the central aim of the Brazilian Center – is essential for building a stable, mutually beneficial commercial and civic relationship between Brazil and the Pacific Northwest.